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Tips of how to choose LED down lights?
Want to buy LED down lights for your new home, or replace exist old lights, and get confused by salesmen in lighting shops. Here, are three tips tell you how to choose LED downlights. 

1. Check the brand of leds and encapsulation. As one of main materials of LED downlight, LEDs’ quality is very import. It can decide the lighting’s brightness, lifespan and many other things. Most famous brand is Cree, USA LED chips. Of course, prices are highest. Good and economic one is Epistar, Taiwan. They often do the encapsulation in mainland. There are many other brands as well, Bridgelux, LumiLEDS,, Samsung…… 

2. Look at Heat Sink(Radiator) LED downlight’s life span is related to the heat sink. If the heat sink is not good, the heat in the lamp can’t be sent out and the life span would be very short. Aluminum is good heat conductivity; good aluminum is good for heat dispensation. And big Heat Sink ("fin" like)  LED Downlight also has good heat dispensation qualities. 

3. Check the Power Supply(Driver) LEDs is not very easy to get damaged, but the power supply life span is less than that of the LEDs. If the LEDs are damaged, the lamp can be also used. But if anything is wrong with the driver, the lamp will not work, till driver be replaced. So when we choose LED Downlight, we need pay much attention to the driver. And, buy down lights with external driver if possible. Remember these three tips, you won’t get confused.