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2X4fts 72W Slim LED Panel

2X4fts 72W Slim LED Panel


Category: LED Panel
Description: Recess modular LED light panel with exceptionally efficient diffuser and high light output consuming only half energy of the 4-tube array. It's designed to replace. Modern look design with soft and uniform light. It's suitable for ceiling grid system, surface mounted or suspension installation.

No flicker, no discomfort glare. no noise, no mercury. Isolated driver. Easy to install, easy to replace. CE, RoHS TUV-EMC certificated.
Note: Warranty time 2 years.

Application: Factories, Workshops, Shopping malls, Sport courts, Gymasium, Offices, Schools, etc.

Power Supply: AC85-265V
Rated Power:
Dimensions: 1195x595X9mm  /1200X600X9 mm (optioanl) 
                       (default 1195X595X9mm)
Cutting Hole: 585X1185mm
Flux: 5600lm 
Color Temp.: PW6000 /CW4000 /WW3000 (optional) 
CRI: >80

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