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Free Delivery

Free Delivery

Free delivery is applicable all orders regardless the order value. It's totally free islandwide, in its true sense of "FREE".

Free delivery is only applicable within Singapore mainland from Mondays to Saturdays, excluding Sunday and public holidays. A surcharge of S$30 is applicable for delivery on Sunday or public holiday.

In the event that the goods cannot be delivered on your preferred delivery date and/or timeslot due to reasons such as lack of stock from suppliers or scheduling difficulties, you will be notified as soon as possible. CoconutTree reserves the right to amend the delivery time.

Delivery Dates and Timing

The delivery time frame that you select online is only tentative. We request that you indicate your preference in delivery time frame in order to plan the delivery route, so the goods can be delivered at your convenience as a value-added service. You'll be informed of the estimated delivery time frame the day before the scheduled delivery if we are unable to keep to your preferred time frame. If you don't receive any phone call from us, it means that the delivery is scheduled to happen within your preferred time frame.

You'll be contacted again 2 hours before delivery by the delivery team to confirm your presence at the delivery location and to notify you of our impending arrival.

We earnestly urge you to be present during the stipulated delivery time so as to be considerate to all other customers and we seek your understanding when it comes to delivery timings.

CoconutTree reserves the right to change the delivery date and time should any unforeseen circumstances arise in the midst of delivery. While we endeavor to adhere to scheduled delivery timings and warrant to act within our means to notify you as soon as possible of any delays or difficulties, you acknowledge that you will, at no point in time, hold CoconutTree liable for any inconvenience, losses, damages, injury, charges, expenses and/or deaths that may arise from any delayed, postponed, incomplete or unfulfilled deliveries, to the extent permitted by Law.

Delivery Of Multiple Items

Most of our products are delivered directly from the manufacturers' factories, to reduce overheads so we can pass on these cash savings to you with lower prices. If you've ordered more than one item, you may receive the items separately, and at different delivery times, though in most cases, we'll arrange for all the items to be delivered in one truck. Should the items be delivered separately, you'll be informed in advance.